This Week's Word Count

I'll be honest, I thought I was going down in flames in this second week of writing as a "second job." The day job - which it has the right to do - got in the way and ate away at anything resembling a lunch break (a time I try to sneak in a few words to the count each day) and my nights were consumed with full-on daddy duty (which I'll never complain about). When I did get time to write, the words weren't flowing and I was at a point near the end of the week where I thought I was going tom come up shamefully short of my 333 per day word average. Then, somehow, by the grace of all that is awesome I managed to pull it out. The lines aren't pretty but this a rough draft after all. Here's the breakdown:

GOAL: 1,665 words for the week

Monday: 146 words - I was a stay-at-home dad to a 14 month old on the MLK holiday. We played and made messes and watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Monday was sort of awesome.
Tuesday:  231 words
Wednesday: 184 words
Thursday: 101 words - At this point I was absolutely certain I wasn't going to hit the week's word count, a concern that seemed about as concrete as possible after lunch was pilfered away again on Friday. 
Friday: 1,099 words - Let me just say this, late night writing session for the win.

ACTUAL PROGRESS:  1,761 words for the week

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