This Week's Word Count

I managed to spend most of lunches and a few free minutes here and there getting some words down, not an awesome week, but at least I wasn't mad-dashing late Friday night just to manage my target... no, instead Friday night's session was used to add some heft word count (I have hopes to have the first draft done and over with the first week of April, which means I'm going to have to get a lot more writing done than my daily goal calls for). Now onto the show!

GOAL: 1,665 words for the week

Monday433 words - It's not like I busted out some sort of epic run of pages, but I managed to eak out 100 words over the daily goal during my lunch (while managing to put away some Chinese leftover... General Tso's Tofu equals delicious).
Tuesday:  376 words
Wednesday 37 words - This is deceiving, I initially wrote a scene (months back) and then realized after the fact that is was all wrong for the plot so I scrapped it and rewrote it all, adding 37 additional words to the total word count while in reality knocking out some 500+ for the day. 
Thursday 557 words 
Friday 398 words 

ACTUAL PROGRESS:  1,801 words for the week

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