A Long Hot Minute

Sometimes it is easy to get distracted, life and all that. It's been almost six years since I've actively posted here, in that time our family has grown, I've changed jobs and later changed universities, we moved twice (once a few miles over just outside St. Louis, the other more recent one to an awesome little community outside Nashville). During that time I briefly considered getting a doctorate degree, going so far as to get accepted at an outstanding school only to defer my start and reconsider my reasoning for the whole exercise. When I last posted, I was vegetarian, then I wasn't. Then I was, then I was vegan. Then I wasn't. In the last six years I've become pretty adept at installing ceiling fans and also learned I despise installing ceiling fans and am better off hiring skilled installers to do this in a fraction of the time I would take to complete the task.

Since 2013, I've not really been the writer I wanted to be. I've completely ignored bigger projects and all but stopped writing short fiction. I've managed to write a number of business articles that found homes here and there, but that's not why I started writing in the first place. Fast forward to 2018, a year that found me living and working a plane trip away from my family as I attempted to set roots while they worked to pack up our house and finish the school year, I had a lot of time to ponder and think about what I wanted to do with the sparse time I had when I wasn't in the office. The first thing was be a better father and husband, for several years there my job had slowly crept into what felt like the number one spot on my priority list, the changes of 2018 brought an opportunity to change that. The second was to treat myself better - eat better, exercise, and so on - I'm still working to figure that one out. The third was to rediscover the excited Erik who would knock out a short piece in hours before heading to workshop, the one who'd stay up late after my family was in bed to work on a writing project.

So, I've upped my reading (from a book every couple of weeks to a couple of books every week), I'm trying to make sure I'm keeping reasonable hours at the office - doing everything I can to be at home when my kids wake up for school and help them start their day and being home with plenty of time to help with homework and have time to just hang out with my daughters and wife, I'm writing again - starting very slowly, but building momentum, and I've tidied up a bit around this site to streamline and make it feel more like a spot I'd like to post (no grand promises, though). I pop up time to time on Twitter and Instagram if that's your thing, and I'll try and keep the lights on here at least with updates every now and then (or at least avoid any year long absences as much as I can).

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