Writerly Resources

A collection of links, sites and general miscellany that in my estimation serve to assist aspiring writers (or at the very least assist me, and in some cases by assist I mean completely distract you from the task at hand).

Agent Query
If you write things and those things are book length in nature, odds are you'll eventually get the itch to foist your work out into the world like a mother bird urging her babies to take flight (or fall from the nest). Agent Query is a great starting point for identifying agents who are currently accepting queries and better yet represent the sort of stories you write.

Beth Revis: For Writers
Beth Revis is a young adult author - Across the Universe and others - whose awesome knows no bounds. Her website is loaded with reader goodies, a scavenger hunt, and the page at the other end of this link which is serves as a primer for anyone with the itch to write (and get published).

Cassandra Clare: Writing Resources
Like Beth Revis, Cassandra Clare - author of The Mortal Instruments series - is made of unfiltered awesome. Her site has all the latest news on her books (and any related adaptions) as well as some truly sound information for aspiring writers looking for where to go once they have a great idea bubbling in their brain.

Some other handy resources: