On occasion I write stories short enough to be read in a single sitting or in some cases, a mere handful of minutes. Sometimes those stories manage to find their way into the pages - paper and pixelated - of places kind enough to publish such things. The below is a list of selected fiction publications:

"A House on a Hill, with Ninety-Nine Rooms, or More" (Red Planet Magazine, Megan Bush, editor)
"Big Night Out" (Zygote in my Coffee Brian Fugett, editor)
"Box"  (Web Mystery Magazine)
"Carnivorous" (Six Sentences Vol. II anthology, Robert McEvily, editor)
"Cast Away" (Bluestem, Roxane Gay, editor)
"Chemistry" (The Late Late Show, Chris Fletcher, editor)
"Commute" (Eckleburg, Rae Bryant, editor)
"Cup of Joe" (The Late Late Show, Chris Fletcher, editor)
"Day Late, Dollar Short" (Girls with Insurance)
"Devils Food" (The Late Late Show, Chris Fletcher, editor)
"Effleurage" (Adelaide Literary Magazine)
"Feats of Magnificence" (Liquid Imagination)
"Feats of Magnificence" (Help anthology)
"Formula 5994" (Lamoille Lamentations)
"Handyman" (The Daily Drunk, Shawn Berman, editor)
"Headlines" (PANK, Roxane Gay, editor)
"Heartbreak 2.0" (No Contact, Elliot Alpern & Gauraa Shekhar, editors)
"Help Wanted" (Boston Literary Magazine)
"Hypocrite" (Mid Rivers Review)
"In a Name" (Annalemma, Chris Heavener, editor)
"Love Letters" (Thieves Jargon)
"Man Down" (Birmingham Arts Journal)
"Mister Jones" (Monkeybicycle, Steven Seighman, editor)
"Morning Rush" (Mississippi Review Online, Frederick Barthelme, editor)
"Simple Simon" (Fiction Flyer)
"Upon Inspecting My Dead Mother’s Closet" (52nd City)
"Working Class Zero" (Gloom Cupboard)