Over the years I have published a number of articles, essays, and opinion pieces ranging in topics from business to haunted roadways to comedic takes on America's past-time to interviews and more. I've been fortunate to see many of these pieces acquired here and there, a small selection of my non-fiction work and who was kind enough to pick up what follows:

"Books with Bite: The Evolution of the Vampire in Contemporary Literature" (The Missouri Review, Michael Nye & Evelyn Rogers, editors)
"Demons, Drawings & Tommy-Guns: An Interview with Cullen Bunn" (Dark Recesses Magazine)
"Employee Wellness is Simply a Matter of Employee Engagement" (TLNT)
"Getting Ready to Weather the Coming Workforce Shift" (TLNT)
"Online Networking: Is It a Monster or a Messiah?" (ERE Media
"Performance Management: Going Beyond the Appraisal" (Talent Culture)
"Recruiters: Be Your Own Therapist" (ERE Media)  
"Reflections on the 2011 Season" (Hobart, Aaron Burch, editor)
"Talent Management is Dead, Long Live Employee Experience" (Talent Culture)
"The Future of Hiring is Quality of Hire" (ERE Media)
"The Greatest Sports Novels to Never Hit the Silver Screen" (ESPN the magazine*, Neil Janowitz, editor)
"The Key to Gathering Employee Referrals: Changing Employee Perceptions" (ERE Media
"This Tool Will Help You Rethink Talent Acquisition" (ERE Media)  
"The Value of Value Propositions" (Talent Culture
"What Does It Take For a Leader to Get to Awesome?" (TLNT)
"Where Dead Men Wander" (Dark Recesses Magazine)
"Why you should root for any team..." (Hobart, Aaron Burch, editor)
"2011 Baseball Predictions & Cheeseburger Recommendations" (Hobart, Aaron Burch, editor)

* Themed issue never published following acquisition of work